Copy measurements

Instead of a linear interpolation between two existing measurements, you can also fill gaps in the measurement record by copying values from another comparable time interval.

To copy measurements, click the More icon in the center of the screen, in the Measurements table and then click on Copy Measurements.

Now enter the desired start dates for the source and target intervals respectively. Make sure the source interval is at least as long as the gap in the target interval. Values will be continuously copied from the source interval to the target interval until a measurement is found in the target interval or no more measurements are available in the source interval.


Figure above: Measurements from the source interval are copied to the gap in the target interval. Figure below: The copied measurements are transformed linearly so that the first and last value in the target interval are equal to the available values immediately before and after the gap.


The operation will fail if no measurements are available in the given source interval or if no gap is detected in the target interval.