Add interpolated values

If you want to add several measurements at once, you can do this using linear interpolation. Several linearly interpolated values are inserted between the start and end date that you specify. If measurements already exist within the specified time period, linear interpolation is performed piecewise between each of them.

To insert interpolated values, click the More icon in the center of the screen, in the Measurements table and then click on Add Interpolated Measurements.

Start and End Date

Start and end of the interval to be interpolated. Within this interval, the Avelon system will linearly interpolate all sections that are smaller than the time interval specified under Time between interpolated values.

No interpolation if gap is bigger than

Select the largest time interval here whose values are to be taken into account by the interpolation. Larger gaps are skipped by the interpolation.

Time between interpolated values

The desired spacing of the generated interpolation values.