Log in with your user name or email address and password. If you do not yet have an Avelon user account, ask your administrator to create one. New clients can set up their first user account during the activation process for their first device.

By default, users are automatically logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you want to stay logged in for longer, select Stay Logged In on the login screen.

If you have forgotten your user account password, you can reset it by clicking on Forgot Password?.

Structure of the work area

Avelon’s user interface is divided into several areas, each of which fulfills different functions. The individual areas are briefly described below.


Main bar


Action bar


Work area

Main bar

The main bar at the top of the screen contains general functions for navigation and configuration of the portal and is available everywhere. The color of the bar adapts to the current module.

Switch navigation

See Navigation

Client selection

(only available if mandates exist)


Shows a list of current alarms and events.

User menu

Administration of user accounts, access rights, contact data and alarm chains. See User management


Management of devices and data points. See Device management


Management of folders and files. See Documents


On Avelon Cloud, you can purchase additional devices or upgrade licenses through our web shop.

Name and profile picture

Edit your own user account and contact details.


This user manual.


General client account settings. See Settings

Download apps

Download additional programs. See Avelon Apps

System information

Displays the current software version and gives you access to the latest release notes.

Log out

Log out and return to the login screen.

Action bar

The action bar contains context-sensitive functions, view options, or control elements that are specific to the current view. Some views or dialog boxes also have their own action bar. You will encounter the following buttons more frequently:


Save changes


Undo all unsaved changes


Unlock editing (enter edit mode)

Quit editing

Lock editing (leave edit mode)


Create a new object


Delete the selected object


Go back to the previous view


Show more options and functions

Save and reset

In most views, changes must be saved by clicking the Save icon at the top right in the action bar. The icon is highlighted in blue when you make changes. To discard changes, click the Reset icon.


Save and reset

Edit mode

On the dashboard and widgets, you usually need to switch to Edit Mode by clicking Edit at the top right in the dashboard if you want to make changes. Otherwise, the view is locked for changes. You can tell whether you are in Edit Mode by the orange band that appears below the main or action bar.


Main bar in edit mode