The Avelon control system uses Data Points for visualization and system control. Data points are abstractions of objects that are connected via various network protocols such as BACnet or M-Bus. In addition, there are also data points that are automatically calculated based on other data points.

In the Avelon control system, data recordings and alarms must be configured on data points, unless the underlying protocol supports this of its own accord. Network objects must be converted to data points for use in charts, schematics or reports (see Reconcile BACnet objects or Reconcile OPC UA nodes).

Data points are displayed in the device management on the relevant Beetle on the Data Points and Filters tab. By default, all available data points are listed. A larger number of data points can increase the loading time considerably. For this reason, the Avelon system uses the concept of Data Point Filters, which can be used to restrict the displayed data points using simple conditions, making the data point list more manageable.