Create data point

For manual meter reading, automatic measurement import, or the calculation of key figures using mathematical formulas, you need what are known as Custom Data Points. These are virtual data points that do not correspond to a bus object, but are independent and are managed independently by the Avelon control system.


For licensing reasons, custom data points must always be assigned to a device.

  1. Select the desired device in device management.

  2. Go to the Data Points and Filters tab.

  3. Click Create Custom Data Point at the top right in the toolbar.

  4. Give the data point a meaningful name and a system name, i.e. a systematic and unique identifier in accordance with the plant identification system (AKS).

  5. Select the data type and the unit for recording the data point.

  6. Also specify how many decimal places should be shown when this data point is displayed on a widget.

  7. Click Add to create the data point.

  8. The data point then appears in the data point list, provided the selected data point filter takes this data point into account. If not, select an appropriate data point filter.


Creating a new custom data point