Manage shape library

Shapes are managed in the Avelon shape library. You can store shapes in different folders and, therefore, group them thematically.

Shapes in the shape library are represented by the icon . All other entries represent shape groups (folders) within the shape library.

Manage shape groups

To create a new shape group, click on Add above the left sidebar and then on Add shape group. Give the new shape group a suitable name. The new shape group is created one level below the currently selected shape group. If no shape group is selected yet, it will be created as the main group instead.

To subsequently change the name of a shape group or translate it into different languages, move the mouse pointer over it and then click on Edit translations.

Shape groups can be copied or moved together with shapes. To do this, move the mouse pointer over the corresponding shape group and click on More to display the available functions. After you copied or cut the group by clicking Copy Group or Cut Group, you can paste it anywhere in the shape library by first navigating to the desired parent element and then clicking on Paste at the top in the action bar.