The address management can be opened by clicking on Users in the user menu at the top right and then on the tab Addresses, provided this module has been activated for you. On the left side all existing addresses are displayed.

You can use this module to manage any kind of address. In particular, you can provide your billing address that will be used by Avelon to send invoices for paid subscription licenses (see Billing address below).

Adresses can also be used in the Tenant assistance or assigned as the owner address to real estates.

Add a new address

To add a new address to the address list:

  1. Click on Add at the top of the left sidebar. Fill in the necessary information. Company name is a mandatory field.

  2. Click on Save to save the current address.

When adding an address, you can specify a main contact for that company, as well as the company function. Apart from postal address details and contact information, you can also add a homepage and a contract number for the company.

Saved addresses will be visible on the left hand side, along with the assigned contacts.

Billing address

You can define one or multiple billing addresses that will be used to bill recurring subscription fees (depending on how many billing jobs you have).

Make sure to set the Type of billing addresses to Billing Address. You can identify billing addresses by the label “Billing Address” next to their label wherever you can select addresses.

You can assign billing addresses to your billing jobs on the Billing view.


If you have licenses with recurring subscription fees, but haven’t set a billing address on your billing job(s) yet, you will be prompted to enter a billing address.

Delete an address

Addresses that are no longer valid can be deleted from the address list. To delete an address, select it and click on Delete at the top of the left sidebar. If the address is part of either a billing job, a real estate or building, a dialog is displayed.

If the address is part of a billing job, it cannot be deleted until a new address is assigned to the same billing job. In the displayed dialog, click on Open in New Tab under Billing Address. This will take you to the Billing page, where you can assign a new address.

If the address is assigned to a real estate or building, you will be prompted that if you delete the address, it will no longer be available for that real estate or building.