Create a data point filter

Create a new data point filter in the Data Points and Filters tab by selecting the desired higher-order data point filter from the sidebar on the left and clicking Add Data Point Filter.


Creating a new data point filter for energy data points


Give the data point filter a meaningful name. This is not only displayed in the sidebar on the left, but also in the data point gallery on some widgets, especially the Chart and Schematic widgets.


Here, select whether you want to filter data points according to their Data Type, System Name or Protocol. For advanced filter settings, select the option Advanced.

Filter Criteria

Define the value to be filtered for here. When filtering by Data Type or Protocol, you can select the desired filter value from the dropdown. For all other filter criteria, enter the value directly in the text field.

You can configure multiple filter criteria per data point filter to extend the filtering. To do so, click Add above to add another filter criterion. The data point filter filters for all data points that match at least one of the filter criteria.


Note that data point filters are connected to each other in a hierarchical arrangement. Data point filters positioned under another data point filter only filter the data points which result from their predecessor. The deeper the tree structure, the fewer data points you will usually find at the lower levels.