You can assign categories to dashboards. This makes it easier for you to use dashboards later. Before you can use categories, you must first set them up.

Manage categories

  1. Activate the editing mode of the dashboard by clicking Edit Dashboards.

  2. Click the Manage Categories… item in the More menu.

  3. Create categories on the left side of the displayed dialog and set the name and color of the corresponding category on the right side.

  4. Exit the dialog with Close.


You can manage any number of categories. These are then available for all dashboards of the current client.

Assign categories to dashboards

Once you have created one or more categories, you can assign them to your dashboards.

  1. Activate the edit mode by clicking Edit Dashboards.

  2. Then click More in the action bar and then on Configure Dashboard.

  3. Assign the categories in the Categories section and save the change by clicking Save.


Once you have assigned at least one category to a dashboard, it will then only be visible to users who have also been assigned that category.

Filter by categories

Use the Filter by Dashboard Category button at the top of the Group Navigation area to select one or more categories. Afterwards, only those groups are displayed in the group navigation which contain dashboards with the selected categories.

Share dashboard categories with user groups

You can specify that all users in a certain user group are to have access to only certain types of dashboards. This allows you to control which dashboards users get to see. Indirectly, this also affects which dashboard a user sees first after logging in or while navigating.

  1. In the user menu, click Users.

  2. Click the User Groups tab at the top in the action bar. Select the desired user group on the left.

  3. At the bottom right, assign all the dashboard categories that users in this user group are allowed to see.

  4. Click on Save at the top right to save the change.


Make sure you assign a dashboard category to at least one user group to which you also belong. Otherwise, all dashboards whose category you have not assigned to yourself will also be hidden for you.